Leandro Crespi

Leandro Crespi

ENG: Photographer & Art Director from Buenos Aires based in Barcelona. Specialised in High End Stock Photography and Cinematography. Senior Artist Relations Specialist at Stocksy United.

ES: Fotógrafo y Director de Arte Argentino con estudio en Barcelona. Especializado en Fotografía Publicitaria, Beauty, Skincare, Cosmetics, fashion, y Fotografía de Stock. Senior Artist Relations Specialist en Stocksy United.

Agencies and Publications:
Broadly.Vice, Vogue Magazine, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Real Self, MindBodyGreen, Marie Claire Beauty, Spotify Music, AT&T, Maians, THE CAMINO STORE, LANCOME, ABSOLUT VODKA, GO Mobile, Wellandgood, Samsung, Pepperline Showroom, Roster Music, GROUPON, Koroshi, BYBAG, LA VANGUARDIA, Pichiglas Studio, NEW YORK TIMES, TELTUO, Les Tres a la Cuina, Veloxi, Elle Girl, Claro, Logitravel, COCORO@MODE, CatalunyaCaixa, Mi Emma, Lebor Gabala entre otros.

Photography & Art Direction www.leandrocrespi.com
Senior Artist Relations Specialist Stocksy United
Art Director IDEP Barcelona
Online Coaching Set up date

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